• WWII US Marine Corps Women Shoes Brown, Blackor White

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    WWII U.S. Marine Corps Women Shoes
    Vintage Ordnance Exclusive.  This is an exceedingly rare piece of WWII women's footwear because the USMCWR was small and the shoe was so nice looking that ladies just wore them out after the war.  This pump was the only authorized option to the stodgy, heavy, lace up service shoes...fine for nuns and spinster school teachers but certainly not for fashion conscious "Beautiful American Marines"  The Corps actually hired fashion consultants in an effort to make their new women's uniforms stylish and contemporary.  These well crafted reproductions are American made with leather uppers and man-made soles.   They are also made for comfort.  We have included a small hidden stretch panel beneath the bow that allows the shoe to stretch a little when it needs too for your comfort without flying off during some of your more dramatic dance moves.  Available in dark brown for use with the service uniform and white for use with the formal dress uniform.  Full sizes only.  Standard width.

    ​(Note: Although the shoe originally came in only dark brown and white.  As a lark we made some in black and tan too.  Nice for your 1940s homefront impression. Limited quantities.)

    Available in Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
    Colors: Brown, Black, White & Tan