• M1917 WWI Enfield Rifle Museum Resin Full Size Replica - Painted


    U.S. WWI M1917 Enfield Rifle Museum Resin Replica 1:1 Scale - Painted

    This full scale model is cast from a mold of an original World War One dated rifle.  It is made of strong, impact resistant, urethane plastic.  The plastic is slightly flexible making it much more durable than typical hard plastic resin casting that tend to crack or shatter if dropped on hard surfaces.  Surface details reproduction is excellent.  Dates stamps on the barrel, the arsenal marks on the receiver and even the grain of the wood are exactly reproduced.  This model weighs only 2 lbs 12 oz. (1.24 kg) making it much easier to display on mannequins in your exhibit or use in living history programs or parades/honor guards.  The main body of the model is a single casting with the front and rear sights and stacking swivel cast separately.  The steel sling attachment points on the buttstock and front band are genuine so the will not bend or break off when the model is exhibited or carried with a sling.  The front six inches of barrel is re-enforced with a 1/4" steel rod to keep it rigid if you need to exhibit it with the M1917 bayonet (also available from us in a strong light-weight urethane plastic.)

    This is no toy or a shoddily sculpted Chinese resin model that you'll find advertised from several online retailers.  Our products are made in house, in America, mainly for museums and living history programs and the entertainment industry were absolutely authentic appearance is the principle requirement. 

    The model is available painted or unpainted.  The unpainted version will have most of the mold flash removed but will still require some detail trimming, sanding and cleaning before final painting.  We will gladly provide guidance for buyers wishing to paint there own models.

    One the 100th anniversary of America's entry in the Great War, VOCO is the only company making a replica of the famous the M1917 rifle for your exhibit, ceremonial and educational needs.  The M1917 was actually an English design in production in American factories but as the War To End All Wars expanded, Britain decided to stick with the old and familiar SMLE Mk III rifle.  When America entered the war, the need for M1903 Springfield rifles far outstripped the production capacity so the British design was re-chambered in .30-06 and pressed into service.  Ultimately , more U.S. doughboys carried the M1917 Enfield than the popular M1903 Springfield.   

    Painted M1917 Enfield Model  $550.00