• Handcrafted 18” Medieval English French Knight In Full Plate Suit of Armor, Pig Face Helmet Metal Statue


    Handcrafted Realistic Miniature 18” Medieval English / French Knight In Full Plate Armor with Armet Helm & Halberd (Circa 1520)   

    This 18" miniature metal model represents a late Middle Ages English or French knight, circa 1520, in full plate armor with a closed armet helmet.  Plate armor reached its highest level of development shortly before firearms rendered it obsolete.  Still, full suits of plate mail continued in use throughout the 1500s.  By the end of that period, they were increasingly used for ceremonial purposes and often highly decorated with embossing, engraving or etching.  The design of this pattern of armor provides the wearer ease of motion and overall protection in battle differentiating it from the highly specialized and heavy armor used for jousting.  This model also features simulated embossing, (actually an appliqué) suggesting ceremonial use, though decorated armor was also used in battle.  The skirt of this knight’s gambeson is fabric decorated with gold thread tassels further suggesting parade rather than battlefield use.  This knight is armed with a metal short halberd (removable).  His metal shield bears a rampant lion, a symbol rather widely used in heraldry at this time.  

    The entire model is painted rather than polished.  The metal is carefully cut and formed and fastened with neat spot welds and rivets making for a historically accurate, sturdy model which does not move.  The model is mounted on a painted wooden base which measures approx. 2" x 3.5", it can be removed from easily if an alternative display is desired.  

    As each statue is handcrafted your knight may vary slightly from the one pictured. These statues are shipped fully assembled and joints, helmet, shoes, etc. are welded together and do not allow for "posing" in any other orientation other than the one depicted. (Note: the pike is not welded to the armor and may be positioned as desired.)