• Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special S Blank Gun, Black

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    This high quality German made, functional, 9mm blank firing, replica is made by Umarex under licence from Smith & Wesson.  Umarex owns Walther and they have extensive expertise in high-strength zinc-alloy casting which they have applied to the manufacture of  bb guns, blank firing replica guns and actual firearms.  This revolver, now out of production, has a zinc-alloy frame, barrel, cylinder, trigger, hammer, etc., with a hard, black, wear-resistant finish.    Though it differs from the actual pistol in some tiny details which wouldn't be noticed even in the front row, the overall impression is highly realistic in appearance and function and would be excellent in any theatrical presentation that required actors to shoot blanks reliably.  The swing out , 5 shot cylinder accepts standard 9mm blanks which vent through a small hole on the top of the frame near the barrel.  It appears it could be adapted to front venting.   Double action and single action function crisply, like a real revolver.  

    This is one of the most realistic (95%) blank guns every made, but it could be improved by replacing the grips with real ones (or painting the present grips brown to simulate wood), and obscuring the warning and manufacturer markings with a black Sharpie marker or paint.  The white markings are not stamped into the metal and might actually be painted on.  The pistol could also be painted with a metallic silver to simulate nickle plating or stainless steel which would me more visible to the audience in darker sets.  

    Historically, the Chiefs Special (Model 36) was introduced in 1950 to compete against Colt's .38 Special Detective Special snubnose revolver in the law enforcement and personal self defense market.  It's compact size and caliber made it extremely popular with plainclothes men and private citizens.  Women liked the pistol too because its small grip frame made it easy for them to handle.  The Model 36 was offered in blued or nickle finish.  The stainless steel version, the Model 60, was introduced in 1965.  Both guns are still made today and remain very popular for civilian, self defense, concealed carry and with police for undercover work, or as a back-up gun in an ankle holster.

    ** Last 2 photos : Comparison between an original and the current reproduction **


    • Blank-firing S&W Chiefs Special S
    • Double- or single-action
    • Swing-out cylinder
    • Caliber: 9mm Blanks
    • Length: 6.1" / 155mm
    • Fires 5 blanks with all the sound and fury of the original
    • Quality and authenticity

    The manufacturer goes through a complex, 3-stage manufacturing process to ensure that this blank gun cannot be converted into a projectile-firing firearm.