• Reproduction Prussian Cuirassiers Metal Pickelhaube c. 1842-1918


    Prussian Cuirassiers Metal Pickelhaube c. 1842-1918

    All-metal Pickelhaube were used mainly by German cuirassiers (cavalry) from 1842 to the start of World War One.  They were also sufficiently spectacular to make them a favorite among high ranking offices and politicians when posing for formal portraits. These helmets were sometimes referred to as lobster-tail helmets, due to their distinctive articulated neck guard. The design draws elements from cavalry helmets going back to the 1500s but is otherwise a close cousin to the common leather pickelhaube used by German foot soldiers up through the early years of World War One.  The version worn by the cuirassiers of the line since 1842 was of polished steel with brass mountings.

    This reproduction has a removable spike, and a functional brass mounted leather chinstrap that can be fastened under the chin or moved over the front brim.  The cockades are painted stamped metal.  The Prussian eagle on the helmet face is made of stamped sheet brass and can be removed by bending back the mounting pins inside the helmet crown. The helmet is made of brightly polished steel with sheet brass. Inside it is painted a gloss black reminiscent of a japaned finish.  The helmet is riveted together and includes a faux oil-cloth liner.  

    It measures 23-1/2" around the interior circumference.  The helmet is too tight for my size 7-1/2 long oval head.  I would size this at 7-1/4 and possibly larger depending if you head is more round than oval.