• Old West Denix 1873 45 Fast Draw Blued Revolver Replica


    Denix M1873 45  Fast Draw Revolver Replica - Can shoot caps

    Introducing the cap firing M1873 45 Peacemaker Revolver  - The Old West lives Again and you have the best cap gun in the world to show for it!

    This solid metal cap gun looks and feels like the real thing. A replica of a single action fast draw model, this cap gun features a 4.75" barrel, new wood grips, working single action and shell ejector. Not only does this cap gun fire off 6 rounds of caps seamlessly, the version is accurately detailed and shows typical craftsmanship.  Makes a great costume or conversation piece.

    How it works.  Pull off 1 cap from ring and push into the center of adapter dummy shell.  Repeat for all 6 adapter cap shells.  Load each dummy cap shell into cap gun cylinder.  Pull the hammer back and pull the trigger.  Please note this is a single action revolver so the hammer needs to be cocked back each time to move the cylinder and fire.


    • Comes with 6 Adapter Dummy Cap Shells
    • Authentic size and weight of actual gun
    • Old West Cap guns has working mechanism
    • Old West Cap guns makes a super prop gun
    • Old West Cap guns are a great costume accessory for that cowboy!
    • Made of quality wood and metal
    • Makes a unique decorator item and conversation piece
    • Does NOT include caps



    • Length: 10.5"
    • Blued (black) finish
    • 4.75" Barrel
    • Wood Grips

    ** If you do NOT want the adapter / dummy shells you can purchase Model no.: 22-1186B


    Warning: Cap Guns are not toys and she be treated like a real gun.  Never point at any person and keep arm full extended when firing.  Use under adult supervision.  Must be 18 years to purchase.