• Morian Helmet 18G Steel War Hat Reproduction circa. 1550-1650


    Morian Helmet 18G Steel War Hat Reproduction circa. 1550-1650

    A very popular helmet across Europe.  Initially associated with pikemen in the middle of the 1500s, it eventually saw widespread use and remained in military service until firearms rendered armor useless.  Afterward, morians continued to be used as a ceremonial headdress for royal guards.  The morian style helmet is perhaps most famously known today for its role in the age of explorers and conquistadors.   Many of the Spanish and Portuguese men at arms commanded by Herman Cortez, Francisco Pizarro, and others less famous, wore morians in their epic battles of conquest with the Aztec, Maya and Inca empires in Mexico and Peru.   

    This example is made of several parts solidly TIG welded together with the exterior weld beads ground smooth and polished to a good shine on the outside.  It is painted silver inside and unlined.  It is a large size, with and ID of 26" allowing plenty of room for an arming cap or mail coif.  It fits my 7-1/2 hat size head perfectly with a padded arming cap and covers my ears nicely.   This morian is practically proportioned for battle, measuring 10" high including the 3" comb.  It is 15" long front to back and 12" wide and the upward curved brim provides good protection for the head, ears, face and neck.


    Though I had some issue with the finish on the metal to metal joints on this helmet, I think it is more than presentable overall.  If I were to improve on this helmet, I would remove the paint on the underside of the brim and polish the metal up so it matches the top.  The best thing about this morian that it is beautifully shaped and really captures the essence and grandeur of the design without going over the top.