• Functional Inert Replica WWII MkII Fragmentation (Pineapple) Hand Grenade with M10A2 Series Fuse

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    Functional Inert Replica WWII MkII Fragmentation (Pineapple) Hand Grenade with M10A2 Series Fuse 

    Simply the most visually and functionally authentic inert replica on the market.  Perfect for museum, school exhibit, demonstration or theatrical use. Replica United States WWII issue MkII fragmentation (Pineapple) Grenade with correct and mechanically functional M10A2 style metal fuse, spring, striker, spoon and pin.  When you pull the pin and throw the grenade, the spring driven striker flips off the stamped steel lever just like the original.  The zinc fuse body also unscrews from the grenade body like the original.  

    These are made one at a time in the USA. The mold for the grenade body was made from an original WWII grenade.  The body of the grenade is cast in an extremely  durable, non-chipping, dark grey plastic.  You can drop it down a flight of concrete steps and the worst you'll do is scratch the paint. 

    We chose this particular plastic for its strength, light weight and ease of casting.   These replicas are light enough at 3.5 ounces to hang off mannequins and they won't bang up and scratch your military vehicles during displays, trail rides or reenactments.  If a realistic weight is required. the grenade body can be easily hollowed to add lead shot.  

    Keep in mind that this is the most authentic replica on the market.  Virtually all "WWII MkII Pineapple Grenades" advertised are terribly inaccurate Chinese made iron castings threaded to accept a modern surplus grenade fuse. Don't be fooled.  Not only is the geometry of the grenade body wrong, the current issue fuse and spoon looks nothing like the M10 series of fuses from WWII. 

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