Medieval 14th Century PigFace Bascinet 18G Steel War Helmet with Visor

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Medieval PigFace Bascinet, Bassinet or Bazineto War Helmet 14th Century

The bascinet — also bassinet, basinet, or bazineto — was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet. It evolved from a type of iron or steel skullcap, but had a more pointed apex to the skull, and it extended downwards at the rear and sides to afford protection for the neck. A visor (face guard) was often employed from ca. 1330 to protect the exposed face. 

Bascinet helmets began to replace the Great Helm due to their improved visibility and movement. The bascinet was the most common helmet in Europe during the 14th century and its cone design was intended to direct blows down and away from the skull and face of the knight.

This Pigface Bascinet is a fantastic replica medieval piece. The helmet is constructed from 18 gauge steel with brass details and features a removable visor. The Pigface bascinet is also adjustable and includes a leather spider style liner and leather chin strap – all made from premium quality leather.

Approximate Measurements:

Height – 12”

Material: 18G Steel