• Gonher Replica Israeli Uzi Style 12 Caps Submachine Gun - Black Finish with Sling


    GONHER COMMANDO UZI Israeli Style Cap Gun Submachine Gun - Black Finish with Sling

    The rugged Israeli designed and battle tested Uzi 9mm submachine gun remains one of the finest submachine guns in the world.  It is still in service almost 60 years after its invention by Uziel Gal.  It has fought wars, protected presidents and now killed zombies.  

    This cap firing die cast metal model IS LIFE SIZE measuring 18.5”   It is made by Gonher in Spain.  Gohner has a reputation for making the highest quality cap guns in the toy industry.   The 12 shot ring cap mechanism is ingeniously hidden inside and pops up for loading when the lever is pressed.  It will shoot as fast as the trigger can be pulled.  Includes black sling.  The replica looks good enough to be used in theatrical work.   


    • Die-Cast Metal Construction with Plastic Stock
    • Woven Nylon Sling
    • Fires 12 Shot Ring Caps(not included)
    • Decibel Level of Caps: 125dB (similar to a loud hand clap)
    • Length: 18.5"
    • Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law
    • Not convertible to shoot a projectile.
    • Manufactured by Gonher in Spain

    Warning: It is your responsibility to know if your state allows the use/purchase of cap guns. Never point at any person and keep arm full extended when firing. Use under adult supervision.

    ** Email us at vintageordnance@gmail.com a copy of your sales & use tax to get wholesale pricing **