GB891169351 ChineseType 88 Hanyang Rifle WWII/Post Revolution

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GunBroker# 891169351  ChineseType 88 Hanyang Rifle WWII/Post Revolution

This is not something you see everyday. One of the major military arms of the 20th Century, China's Hanyang 88 is quite rare because the rifles were simply used to death. This weapon has seen a lot of service and has the wear to prove it. I can only imagine where this gun has been. Though the serial number is visible, the receiver markings showing the year it was made and the arsenal were either worn off or scrubbed when the communists took over China in 1949. The last of the Type 88 rifles were made in 1944 so it's certain this weapons saw use during World War Two against the Japanese. The Type 88 was China's primary military rifle from before the Boxer Rebellion and these weapons were probably used more against other Chinese than they ever were against foreign invaders. For decades, warlords battled one another before Generalisimo Chiang Kai Shek's KMT and Mao Tse Tung's Communist party achieved nominal control over the country, then they fought each other until the Japanese came, then they fought each other again. This rifle comes as you see it. The barrel rifling is heavily worn, the bolt cocks and the trigger works, but I wouldn't shoot anything but blanks through this unless I got it checked over by a gunsmith. The wear tells a story for sure. You can see where the communist militia branded the stock (Hunan Provincial People's Militia is the translation. Earlier brands are still partially visible and may well tell the story of it's life before the Communist takeover. It looks like the an attempt was made to scrub them but the characters are still mostly readable, just not by me since I don't read Mandarin . The rear sling swivel was improvised from a piece of heavy steel wire. It is missing the entire trigger guard assembly, but from what I understand, parts from the common German M1888 Commission Rifle, which the Hanyang is copied from, will generally fit. In fact some, Hanyangs have German parts on them already. Like the original M1888, the Hanyang is 8 x 57mm Mauser. The old type that used the long .318 bullet and fed from five round en-bloc clips. This rifle must ship to an FFL. You pay actual shipping and insurance as calculated after purchase.