• GB887301785 Gewehr 88 M1888 Commission Rifle Barreled Receiver1890 AMBERG

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    GB887301785 Gewehr 88 M1888 Commission Rifle Barreled Receiver1890 AMBERG

    Quite nice 1890 vintage German Gewehr M1888 Commission rifle barreled action with the 1905 upgrades to load with stripper clips instead of the original Mannlicher clip system. This is a great project barreled action in amazing shape that requires no FFL because it is over 100 years old. It appears to be in very nice shape having spent the last 50 years covered in grease. The receiver is marked with an "S" which indicates it is modified for the spitzer bullet (chambers was re-throated for modern .323" diameter 8 x 57mm ammunition when they were adapted to use stripper clips and the Patrone "S" spitzer bullets) Use of this ammo is generally not advised since the barrel is supposed to be .318. Includes what you see. The barrel jacket is hand tight and screws off easily. Somebody took off the rear sight base. The bore worn but shootable and crown looks ok. The trigger parts match the serial number on the receiver and barrel jacket. The jacket has a few small, shallow dents that look like they could be raised. This would be a great to restore as a military rifle, carbine or commercial sporting rifle of a century ago. We charge only actual shipping and insurance costs. We don't make money off shipping. The sale price represents the cash discount price you pay if you send us a check or money order. Credit card payment is fine, but that will incur and additional 3% on you bill.  No FFL needed on this antique. It can ship to you door.