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    GB883244059 Enfield No. 1 Mk. III SMLE Drill Rifle RFI Indian Ishapore

    1971Very fine Lee Enfield Ishapore No. 1 Mark III rifle (SMLE) Short Magazine Lee Enfield "DP" (Drill Purpose) rifle. This was once a normal service rifle in active use my Indian soldiers but was eventually rendered non-firing by drilling a hole horizontally through the barrel and chamber, inserting a blocking bar, and welding it in on the left exterior side of the receiver. Other than than, this rifle is fully functional. India used this as their main service rifle well into the 1980s and began making the SMLE shortly after the British Army adopted it. This particular rifle was made in Ishapore at famous RFI arsenal in 1971 and may well have seen action against Pakistani troops. It has the original military markings and cartouches on the stock, and still has much of its original black painted finish. This gun could be very easily repaired to function safely with blanks for reenacting or be converted into a nice .22LR. The pin could be removed, the holes threaded and plugged with bolts trimmed to clear the chamber, and then tack welded in place. Stock and handguards are in quite nice condition and pretty meaty, allowing them to be nicely sanded and refinished. Great project gun in great shape, or simply use it as a wall-hanger in your WWII man cave. Obiviously, this gun would be a great source of parts to restore other guns too. The auction sale price is the cash discount price if you pay by check or money order. You can also pay by credit card, but there is a 3% fee for this. Your shipping charges will be your actual shipping and insurance charges. We don't make money off of shipping. Please call before you bid if you have questions. The gun in the photos is the one you will receive. Due to ATF regulations they must be shipped and transferred thru an FFL dealer. Considered the finest infantry rifle of its time, the SMLE covered the globe, literally. Originally, these service guns were used by many in World War I. These retired war horses, marked DP for “Drill Purposes,” went on to render additional services by being used in schools and academies for training and drill practice.