• Gewehr 88 Action & Nice 1930s 8x57mm

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    Gewehr 88 Action & Nice 1930s 8x57mm

    This is a great project barreled action in amazing shape that requires no FFL because it is over 100 years old. Take note, though it's chambered for modern 8 x 57mm, I would not recommend using any hot military surplus ammo in it. Stick with commercial ammo or hand loads. After all, this action started its life in a German state arsenal over a century ago. It appears to be in very nice shape having spent the last 50 years covered in grease. The barrel is 1930s vintage with strong, sharp looking, rifling, a good muzzle and throated for modern .323" diameter 8 x 57mm ammunition. This rifle was among the thousands of Model 1888 Commission rifles provided to Turkey by Germany in World War One. At some time after 1903, and most likely in Germany, it was updated to accept the modern Patrone "S" spitzer 8mm military cartridge loaded from stripper clips by the addition of clip guides on the rear of the receiver, a thumb cut-out on the left rear of the receiver, and the shallow dimple cut in the top face of the receiver ring to clear the longer pointy bullet.

    In the 1930s the Turks refurbished their Gewehr M88s and installed new barrels that didn't need a barrel jacket like the old German M88,and new wood and furniture. The Turks just made and adapter to screw onto the front of the receiver where teh barrel jacket screwed on before. This is how the front of the receiver was mounted in the stock. It can be replaced easily with a barrel jacket if you wanted to convert this back to M88/M1903 form. In the Turkish rebuilds of the 1930s, they scrubbed the original German markings off the receiver rings and remarked them with info from there own arsenals. This would be a great core to build a custom super retro full-stocked carbine from. Or use it as a shooter with your original M88 Gewehr stock and parts since the throat is cut for modern commercial 8 x 57mm ammo. No need to custom cast bullets for the old .318 groove bores. Have fun with it, but be sane. No FFL needed on this antique. It can ship to you door.