• French Berthier 1907/15 Rifle Exhibit Grade Resin Reproduction with Original Wood Stock


    Exhibit Grade Resin Reproduction with Original Wood Stock French Berthier 1907/15 Rifle

     This is a highly detailed, non-firing /non-operational resin and wood, model of a French Fusil Mle 1907/15, more commonly called a Berthier rifle.  Rifles of this type were used extensively in World War One alongside the more common Lebel rifle by the French Army and the French Foreign Legion prior to the war.  The Berthier was also used notably by the American negro troops of the 93rd Division assigned to the French Army which included the famous Harlem Hellfighters of the 369th Regiment, the 370th, 371st and 372nd Regiments. This was also the type of rifle use by Gary Cooper during the 1939 film classic Beau Geste which portrays French Foreign Legionnaires.  

     French troops liked the light weight and fast loading of the Berthier, but disliked its three shot magazine capacity which was a handicap in close combat.  The Berthier used the same bayonet as the Lebel.  Original bayonets will fit our model.  The first seven inches of the barrel are reinforced with a steel rod cast inside for this purpose.

     Our museum grade reproduction is light weight so it can be more easily mounted in your exhibits.  Overall weight of the replica is only 2 lbs. 13.5 oz.  / 1.29 kg . The “metal” parts are made of durable resin plastic from molds cast from a real rifle.  The buttplate, butt sling swivel, barreled action, triggerguard, stock bolts and bands are all separately cast parts.  We use a slightly flexible plastic to reduce the chance of breakage if the piece is dropped.  The round ring for the sling on the middle band is made of metal so a sling can be mounted for exhibit purposes.  The wooden stock is actually an original century old (World War One vintage) stock, complete with dents, dings and scrapes. Restoring the original stocks is very time consuming and labor intensive.  In addition , our supply of original stocks is very limited.

     Models are shipped painted and ready to exhibit.  These unique reproduction rifles are made to order and delivery will take three to six weeks (unless ofcourse we have it in stock).

    To learn more about the famous people who used the Berthier Rifle check our blogsite.