• COLT 1873 Blank Firing Frontier Revolver Nickle FInish by Bruni

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    COLT 1873 Blank Firing Frontier Revolver (Made by Bruni)
    This classic old west single action revolver has a 5.5” barrel and comes in either Nickle finish. Features include a free spinning, six shot 9 mm cylinder, opening loading gate, and working shell ejector. A perfect model to practice gun spinning or to use as a stage prop for theatrical use. 

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    Length: 10.5”  
    Weight: 2.10 lbs
    SKU: 38-161N (Nickel Finish)    
    Price: $113.00

    ​SKU: 38-161 (Blued Finish)
    Price: $105.00

    BRUNI: World leader in blank-firing guns and replicas for over fifty years. BRUNI sets the standard for European quality blank firing guns. Manufactured near Milan, Italy, each piece exhibits tight tolerances, exquisite detail and all are sunjected to rigorous testing prior to shipping. Many blank guns may look similar, but do not underestimate the lifetime value of a BRUNI.