AC SHOP MANUAL: HOW TO SERVICE AIR CLEANERS GM Service Procedure, Civilian Motor Transportation


AC SHOP MANUAL: HOW TO SERVICE AIR CLEANERS GM Service Procedure,  Civilian Motor Transportation  (20 pages) 

Wartime pamphlet printed by AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors for training up professional and shade tree mechanics alike on AC products.  I have also come across them in military training circles which comes as no surprise since many of the systems were also in use on military vehicles.  These are wealth of information on the various systems in use prior to 1942 and particularly useful to the old car hobbyists.   There were no new automobile produced in for civilian use after 1942 and great stress was placed on maximizing the resources on the home front.  My grandfather used to enjoy repeating the popular slogan of the period “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”  The covers of this pamphlet series are emblazoned with a red “V” for victory under the GM emblem.  For informational use.  Provided as a print-out of the scanned original.