SOLD M91 Carcano Moshetto Carbine Barreled Action 1896 Terni No FFL 6.5mm

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GB883251532 M91 Carcano Moshetto Carbine Barreled Action 1896 Terni No FFL 6.5mm - SOLD OUT

A well traveled but restoreable M1891 Carcano Carbine barreled action with a shootable barrel, trigger/sear/ejector/bolt-stop assembly, and complete front and carbine rear sight. This would be neat to convert to another caliber and would make a dandy little .22LR carbine. Since this gun was made in 1896, it can ship directly to you as an antique without having to transfer through an FFL dealer. This carbine retains its full length original barrel which actually saw use in both WWI and WWII. The barrel has shootable rifling with dark grooves. There is surface pitting on areas of the metal above the woodline, much of it might draw file or sand out to get it looking better for refinishing. This would be a great project to build up a gun for historic reenacting of the 1898 Milan Riots, the 1911 Italio-Turkish War in Tripolitania, World War One and World War Two. M1891s were used by the Italian Army in North Africa and in Europe. M91 Carcano's were also used by Greek partisans in WWII after capture from the Italians in the Albanian Campaign. The Greeks even rechambered some of their captured Carcano's for the Greek 6.5mm Mannlicher-Schonauer cartridge. The Greeks could fire the Italian 6.5mm ammo in their rifles, but the Italians couldn't chamber the slightly longer Greek ammo in their guns. If you ever find a Carcano with a slightly long chamber, it's surely a Greek partisan gun. This particular gun was made at the Terni arsenal. Over 2,000,000 Carcanos produced between 1892 and 1918. The carbine you see in the pictures is the actual gun you are bidding on.