Professional Museum Consulting Service 
We offer historic research services, exhibit writing and design as well as organizational, technical and collections management consulting services to museum on an hourly or contract basis.  We are specialists in macro-artifact restoration and living history program development.

We accept repairs of original FP-45 Liberator pistol and other guns. Contact us for specifics.

Consign, Sell or Trade
We accept authentic period military items on consignment, outright sale or trade. Contact us for more details. 

Militaria Estate Appraisal & Sales

​Reproduction Period Clothing
​High quality reproduction period clothing for use in re-enactments, theater/film, museums, living history sites or other special events. We research and work with competent historians and expert sewers to make accurate reproductions. We have a low quantity requirement for these types of reproduction.

​We also do mass reproduction period clothing for boutiques and museum stores. These reproductions are close to The original style, the difference would be in fabric and sometimes the cut has to differ for comforts sake. Obviously the price for the mass reproduction would be much lower than the historically accurate ones. Have a higher minimum order quantity requirement.

Exhibit Grade Weapons Reproductions
For use in exhibits, hands-on educational programs and living history programs.

CNC & Traditional Machining / Fabrication

Class 7 Manufacturer of Weapons & Ammunition.  

Vintage Ordnance Company, LLC  (VOCO)  can accomodate  special requests such as:

  • ​Special modifications on our FP-45 Liberator pistol Study model or cut-aways for museums and exhibits
  • Dummy guns, cartridges, magazines and other accessories to be used as props 
  • Reproduction period clothing and accessories
  • Museum exhibit consultation, writing and design
  • Event or movie tie-ups