Vintage Ordnance Co. is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and Class 7 manufacturer of weapons and ammunition.  Our shop is equipped with CNC, EDM and manual equipment.  One of our machines actually was used in World War II for military production work.  It still works like a bull.  It also serves as a reminder to us of the great wartime achievements of that generation’s industrial workers who made the “arsenal of democracy” that played so heavy a roll in the Allied victory over Nazi and Japanese totalitarianism in 1945.  

​We are not simply a machine shop that makes guns.  The Vintage Ordnance Company team brings a decade of museum experience, a BA and MA in history, engineering design and technical mastery of the machinist craft and just enough artistic finesse to produce exceptional products.   We know what’s  right because we do extensive research on our products prior to production.  We make our products as well as they were originally, when we can’t feasibly make them better without changing critical aspects of the design.  Our products look like they should.  We make it look like it did then, only better, stronger and safer. With aging, many will be mistaken for originals. Our firearms products are manufactured entirely in the United States by Americans.  

​We also offer historic research services, exhibit writing and design as well as organizational, technical and collections management consulting services to museum on an hourly or contract basis.  We are specialists in macro-artifact restoration and living history program development. 

​As you can see from our product offering, we don’t want to be locked into one historical niche.  We have historic 1850-1900 civilian replica clothing, boots and gun leather that will appeal to participants in the Cowboy Action Shooting hobby who want authenticity at a reasonable price.

​Our WWII military training film videos (the GI Film Series) and our eclectic assortment of  technical manuals, instructional pamphlets and teaching materials are the result of years of research in the National Archives and hundreds of hours scouring the shelves of used book stores, flea markets and yard sales.  Some of them are the only known copies in existence. 

​We also offer various sorts of reproduction paper documents of historic interest to military and civilian.  Current projects include a series of vintage concealed weapons permits from 1945 to 1960 that will surely appeal to the fans of hard-boiled private-eye fiction and 1930’s era police combat silhouette targets.

​Be sure to check our Odd Lots/Books/Close-outs section for of one of kind or discontinued items.  There may be original artifacts here that are not classifiable in one of our regular product categories, modern firearms, reproductions we no longer make or carry, or maybe even an interesting animal we might capture.  You can never tell what you’ll find; but, don’t wait to buy it because there are no more.

​In short, we are full of surprises and hope you will bookmark us and check back in often to see what new things we have come up with.  It could be an 18th century clothing item or a semi-automatic replica of the WWII Johnson Light Machine Gun.   We’d be glad to hear your ideas too.